Payday Loans – Get up to $ 5,000 in minutes


You have an option to contract fast payday loans , 100% online and for you to use it for what you need at this moment.

Through its app offers online payday loans that you can get the same day you request it, without endorsement .

What requirements do you ask for ?

To get your first free payday loan , you have to meet the requirements are simple:

  • Be between 23 and 55 years old
  • Be Mexican
  • Healthy Credit History
  • Current Identification
  • Own Bank Account
  • Internet access
  • Have an active Facebook account

What are the steps to get a payday loan ?

What are the steps to get a payday loan ?

To access quick payday loans without interest you must:

  1. Comply with the requirements
  2. Fill the payday loan application
  3. Once you complete your application reviews the data
  4. If you comply with everything, you will receive the deposit in your bank account

How much can you lend me ?

In your first credit application you can request up to $ 2,000 pesos.

However, if you already present a healthy credit history with a score of 660 points you can start with an amount of $ 5000.

What is the deadline to return the money?

The maximum term to pay the credit is 6 or fifteen days counting from the day you deposited the credit.

Do they review the credit history to give a payday loan online?

Do they review the credit history to give a payday loan online?

If you have a bad history and you ask yourself, do you have a credit bureau? The answer is yes.

reviews your credit history, however, if you do not have it you can start to build it., Responsible Credit.

People can apply for interest-free payday loans at the first opportunity as long as they meet the additional requirements.

Remember that always applies the 30% Rule on ability to pay.

How do I pay for my online payday loan?

It’s simple, it is paid automatically by direct debit from your debit card.

It is also possible to pay by electronic transfer and cash deposit at a bank teller.

What costs do you apply to these credits online?

You only have an opening commission associated with the payday loan, the other charges apply, only if there are delays or problems with payments.

  • Opening fee: $ 150 pesos + VAT
  • Non-payment: $ 150 pesos + VAT
  • Non-payment (Default on promises of payment): $ 200 pesos + VAT
  • Pause : 12.5% ​​+ VAT of the unpaid balance at the date requested

What kind of interest do payday loans have?

While the first free payday loan , the fixed monthly and annual interest rate for each profile and its corresponding level.

The Total Annual Cost is determined by the interest rate that is assigned according to a credit analysis of the applicant, having a minimum of 177.62% and a maximum of 3640.93%.

What are the conditions for a new payday loan ?

Through the trust ladder, allows you to contract other payday loans online as you meet your debts.

It is a program that rewards those hired and paid on time, and so can apply for new credits online, with longer terms, larger amounts and less interest.