What Are The Best Strategies In Football Betting?

If you’re a football fan then there’s no doubt that you must have at least some interest in gambling. The sport is so popular that it’s even possible to bet on the various games of football online, without ever having to leave your house.

There are many different strategies available for betting on football at fun88 คือ, but the most popular bets are likely those that involve predicting the match outcome.

Who will win the match?

This is by far the most popular bet and should also be the safest. Both teams are going to make mistakes, which means that one of them will get a point even though they didn’t deserve it.

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Who will score the first goal in a match?

In this particular case you’re also going to predict both teams’ goals but you’re betting on who will be on top of the scoreboard first.

There are many ways for you to predict the actual goals scored. You could make it by picking both teams in fun88 ยืนยันเบอร์โทร, which would make you a combined bettor. Or you could just pick the winning team, which would make you a point-winner.

Which team will win more points?

This particular bet is also quite popular and even though you’re unable to predict which team will be on top of the scoreboard when the match ends (and there were two or more), it can still make money if your predictions are correct.

Which team will have a better second half?

This is where you make your own predictions about the first half and then bet on the second half. In order for your bet to be successful, both teams must follow your prediction for the second half.

Goal over/under

Goal over/under is a type of betting that involves predicting whether or not a certain number of goals will be scored during a match. You could be a combined bettor or point-winner and pick both teams, which would be a combined bet.


Odds are probably one of the simplest and safest bets you can make when betting on football. There are simply two types of odds: even money or odd money. Both of the teams participating in the match have a 50 percent chance of winning and each team will receive an equal share of the profit when betting on this type of wager.